• Online Salons

Welcome to the 3i Summit’s Online Salon

Up until March 30th, this Online Salon was the place to post ideas to help shape the Summit on May 4th & 5th. The process of gathering ideas began last November with several 3i planning meetings attended by representatives from about 15 to 20 environmental organizations. It continued with four 3i Salons in late February — a set of facilitated, in-person dialogues with different participants at each, over 120 participants in total. To see what was discussed at the in-person Salons, click here. To see what ideas emerged, scroll through or search the column on the right.

Now is the time to shift from “good ideas” into “initiatives in development”. If you have the interest and energy to help move an idea forward, please visit the new initiatives in development webpage.

If you would like to know more about the “idea-generating” phase of the 3i process, read on.

In the “Ideavibes” forum on the right-hand column of this webpage, we attempted to capture all potentially actionable ideas that emerged. Some of the posted ideas were  also added by individuals following the Salons. Anyone was welcome to post an idea that met the following criteria:

1.  Social and economic as well as environmental benefits
2.  Significant impact
3.  Scalable and/or replicable
4.  You are willing to be a lead collaborator

Visitors to the site were also invited to “vote” and to comment on ideas they liked. But we noted that it is not necessarily the ideas that attracted the most votes, but those that attract committed champions, that counted in terms of moving initiatives forward. The main purpose and focus of the 2012 3i Summit is to help make some of these initiatives actually happen.